About the book: “Why We Stay: Royalton, Vermont” visits the historic collection of villages known as the township of Royalton in the heart of the lush and verdant mountains of Vermont.  In recent months, residents have seen their town devastated by Hurricane Irene but have remained connected and focused on the traditions that bind them together.  Photographers Chris Cammock and Nathan Larson provide a window into the small town through their portraits and interviews. Why do we live where we live? Why do we stay where we live? Can photography help us understand the fabric of a community?  Can it capture a specific time and place?  These are but a few of the questions explored in “Why We Stay: Royalton, Vermont.” 

About the Series: The Why We Stay photo folklore project explores distinct populations either by geography or shared experience through the use of photography, audio interviews and the collection of folklore. Why We Stay is a portrait project that seeks to document a cross section of people in a distinct time and place with all photos usually captured in a small window of time. Individually, the projects provide a historical and emotional record of a place or group at a set time. But combined, Why We Stay begins to create a more multidimensional view of our world and how we relate to both the place we live and the people around us.  Questions are answered, and many more are asked as we examine Why We Stay.

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Chris Cammock 
Nathan Larson  

WHY WE STAY is a project of the Cornish Colony Arts Council