James Hudson    

James Hudson 


How long have you lived in Royalton?
My whole life so far. 43 years.

Were you born and raised here?
Born in Royalton. Raised about three miles from here...I'm a 7th generation blacksmith/farrier... My family came from England. The first blacksmiths were there and then Massachusetts. My grandparents moved to Vermont.

What do you want people to know about your town?
It's a beautiful small town in the hills of Vermont.

Tell us a little about your business?
I'm a farrier. I maintain horses feet, shoeing them. I shoe hot so I use hot steel. I drive around and travel around to different barns maintaining a few hundred horses. I'm a 7th generation farrier. My son Raven is an 8th generation and my little boys also often travel along with me. It's a really pleasing line of work. I deal with lots of really nice people and lots of nice horses.

What is wish for your life? What is a wish for your town?
South Royalton has really benefited from having the Vermont Law School here. That really has brought some diversity. What I really want is South Royalton to be able to maintain its own character apart from that. So it's just not the law school campus. Which sometimes it feels that way. But just to maintain its integrity as a small Vermont town.