Jeannette Digby

Jeannette Digby

What is your favorite location, place, building, or spot in Royalton? Why?

The park. Because it's calm and just lovely. It's growing over there and we do a lot of things, band concerts, a lot of things there.

What do you think makes Royalton unique or different from other places you have lived or visited?

The Red Door Church is special. It's our fellowship, we really have a good pastor coming in, a new one coming in. We had some nice old ones and it's just been great. I mean it really has.

What is the most challenging aspect of life in a small Vermont town like Royalton?

People know each other and we know what's going on with each other. If you need help you can always get help. There's always help out there with people, they're more helpful. If you don't know anybody in the city you don't get the help. We've had homeless people come in and we've helped them. You've got a lot of the older people that's in this area that needs the help and the younger people have helped the older people.  It's just a community based place so it's really nice.

What Royalton resident made a positive difference in your life?

Just the whole town. I've been here all my life so it's like the town is a family.

What do you want people to know about your town?

Come visit. Look around. Look at all the scenery. You've got the Mormon Church. You've got the Red Door Church. You've got Haines Beach. You can go a lot of places just in this area. There's the law school that's growing. Just community based place, it's really good.

What is wish for your life? What is a wish for your town?

I wish that we could end up having a hospice house for this area. Because people that are passing. A hospice house would end up helping the older people to pass in this area. That they be able to end up having... and be able to help the homeless people that have come in. That's mainly what my goal is in my life.