Joel Ferris

Joel Ferris

What do you think makes Royalton unique or different from other places you have lived or visited?

Well there's Vermont Law School and that keeps us going because if we didn't have that I don't know what South Royalton would be because Vermont Law School keeps people coming in.

What is the most challenging aspect of life in a small Vermont town like Royalton?

We have to go 20 miles to get anywhere. We have to go to West Lebanon to get anywhere. But Vermont is nice. I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anyplace.

What Royalton resident made a positive difference in your life?

My mom. She's 83 years old and she's a wonderful woman.

What is wish for your life? What is a wish for your town?

It's a struggle every day but I think on the positive side and that's what my goal in life is.