Lynn Irish

Lynn Irish

What is your favorite location, place, building, or spot in Royalton? Why?

My favorite location is my deck off the back of my home. It overlooks the first branch of the White River. It's peaceful there and we really enjoy the view. 

What do you think makes Royalton unique or different from other places you have lived or visited?

The uniqueness of South Royalton and the surrounding area is that it's got nice old country homes. There's a lot people that have been here a really long time. It's not too far away from larger amenities like shopping and whatnot. And yet we don't have the noise and the hustle bustle of the larger communities.

What is the most challenging aspect of life in a small Vermont town like Royalton?

Again challenging is that we don't have huge services right here. We do have small community shops and whatnot and we do have to drive a half hour to any length of time to get to a large hospital or larger stores for shopping.

What do you want people to know about your town?

A lot of people have moved away and come back but yet they always seem to, and I would hope that my children would do that as well. I have one in New York City and one in Northern Vermont and another one in a neighboring town. I would love for my children to come and form their roots here and stay for a good long time.