Book Proposal: Why We Stay: Conquering Cancer

Why We Stay: Conquering Cancer offers a unique look inside of Memorial Sloan Kettering's Survivorship Clinics by creating three dimensional portraits of cancer survivors that include artistic portraits, audio interviews, and demographic data.

Why We Stay is a series of photo folklore projects created by Nate Larson and Chris Cammock that use photography, audio storytelling, ethnography, and printed books to capture interesting stories of small groups and communities. The project will capture at least 100 photo portraits of cancer survivors (Memorial Sloan Kettering will work with the authors to determine a criteria and list of participants) along with answers to five preset questions, audio interviews and basic demographic data.

Why We Stay: Conquering Cancer Includes:

-Custom website with portraits and audio stories of at least 100 individuals. These audio visual portraits may also be hosted and used on the MSK website.
-200 signed copies of the first printing of Why We Stay: Conquering Cancer which normally retail for $39.99 and are printed in the USA.
-All portraits available for custom printing at economical prices directly through Why We Stay
-Chris and Nate available for public discussion, marketing, and presentations based on the work created

How We Fund A Why We Stay Project:

The cost to produce a Why We Stay project including travel, photography, audio recording, data capture, editing, design, and printing and delivery of 200 books is $15,000.  Why We Stay is a program of the non-profit Cornish Colony Arts Council and support of their projects are tax deductible.

Below are some sample layouts that show the printed project format.  FOR PLACEMENT ONLY

Sample Pages (clickable):

Sample of Custom Website Online Profile 

Online profiles will be generated for each portrait participant. These online portraits pair answers to our five project questions with a clip of the audio interview.  Memorial Sloan Kettering can use the images and profiles generated for their own interactive web pages or for other rich media projects. A sample profile with audio and interview data is below:

What is your favorite location, place, building, or spot in Royalton? Why?

One of my favorite spots in Royalton is this little unnamed beach if you walk up North Windsor like 15-20 minutes, there's a grass field, one picnic table, and you walk down to the rocks and you get in the river and it's just this part of the river that's really calm and silty and deep and I feel like you could just get a good, good, good refreshing swim there.  It's one of the first parts of the river that I saw when I moved here that I felt really taken aback by. 

What do you think makes Royalton unique or different from other places you have lived or visited?

Well, I think it's definitely different than any other place I've lived for an extended period of time.  I think it has more in common with places I've been in other countries than I've been in the United States.  I grew up near a city on the west coast of California.  I make my home for the most part now in Boston, and the other place I've lived is New York, so between all those places it's really, really different here.  It has a lot in common with smaller towns that I've been in East Africa and South East Asia.  I've been to smaller towns in both of those regions and it has more in common with that, in terms of size and not having a lot of cars around and just being really close to a water source, the mountains, the natural eco system not as developed.  And even some of the smells I smell are closer to those places I've been. I feel like in cities, you're around clanking metal and concrete, and your senses are taken over by those things.  And here it's unique in that it's not the case.

What is the most challenging aspect of life in a small Vermont town like Royalton?

In the physical environment I feel a little low, like the altitude feels like I'm in a valley and sometimes I get the sense like I need to get out to breathe a little more.  Also the smallness which can be really nice, refreshing thing can be suffocating too.  There's not a lot of people and it's also not that diverse.  I don't know about religiously, but ethnically, and's different, but in itself it's not diverse, in comparison to other places I've been, so I think that part is hard too.

What Royalton resident made a positive difference in your life?

What do you want people to know about your town?

I've had a lot of family and friends ask me that.  It's really small and really beautiful; the people are friendly for the most part, and it's a blessing to be so close to the river and the mountains.

Proposed Production and Details

How & When:
The project scope includes the creation of the book, travel costs, editing, layout, design, links to rich media online profiles for each portrait and the first printing of 200 books delivered to NYC. The estimated total production cost is $15,000. Chris and Nate will work with MSK to select a list of participants. They will also work with MSK to determine five questions for each interview. Chris and Nate will schedule the time and location to speak with participants and capture their portraits.  This may include multiple trips depending on the flexibility of participants. The project will be scheduled in the spring or early summer of 2014.  The final online project and 200 books will be delivered 90 days after shooting (allowing two weeks for printing).

Additional Printing Options:
Why We Stay offers a simple book ordering solution that is totally scalable for partners who want more than 200 copies of their project. The complete title will be held as a print-ready digital file with our Vermont printing partners SPCC.  Additional books can be ordered from the printer at any time without any involvement from Why We Stay. A 14 day turnaround is standard and the books are 100% created in Vermont--which we have found to be a selling point.

For this project, the only additional costs to the wholesale prices list below (direct SPC prices with no margin) would be $2. SPC would collect an additional $2 per individual book ordered on behalf of the authors.  SPC also handles fulfillment and can quote actual stocking and shipping prices in addition to the prices below, should those services be required.

Sample Wholesale Costs: For an 84 page book of black & white and color photos (20 color pages) in 8.5 x 11--including laminated cover--the prices are below.  Actual quotes may vary based on changes to page numbers and color vs. black and white. Suggested retail is $39.99.

Per Piece Price:       

200  -  $21.49  Ea.

300  -  $16.66 Ea.

400  -  $14.27 Ea.

500  -  $12.77  Ea.

1000  -  $10.11  Ea.

1500  -   $9.09 Ea. 

2000  -  $8.58 Ea.