LongHouse Food Revival Program Content

The purpose of this project is to create 12 highly curated photos and 12 highly curated context images for the 2014 LongHouse Food Revival.  They will be placed along with content, programming, and sponsor info into the final layout of the 2014 program OR provided as an additional insert into the program to work as an art piece and a teaser for the full "Why We Stay: Midwest Farmers" book.

Images below are all from other projects and are shown as placeholders to give a sense of the content types.  Hands, equipment, landscapes, portraits, and lifestyle photos...

Nate and Chris will capture images of the region and culture during their Midwest trip.  They will also capture specific locations that support the LHFR 2014 content as suggested by Molly.  In addition, they are willing to travel to capture very specific portraits of VIP people we want to loop into the project. For example, one page of the project could be a portrait of Wendell Berry with a quote.

Either raw images provided to Beth to be used in the layout of the 2014 program or a custom designed folio that can be given out in addition to the program.

The first trip in April will probably not work for Nate or Chris, but traveling to locations on their own time between now and the end of July would work.  Nate will travel to take specific portraits as well.

Content would be delivered by the end of August.

Cost of Production:
TBD, but if we can proceed with the Why We Stay book, there is overlap to create this as a side project at no additional cost. Additional specific shoots will require customized pricing--mainly travel, but can be negotiated based on budgets.